I love creating animals, birds and other creatures out of wool.  The richness and warmth of the fiber enhances the beauty of each piece. I frame my work but I never use glass because I want the viewer to experience the connection to the wool.  I have had many people tell me that photos do not do justice to the actual artwork.

My work primarily falls into several categories – Farm Animals, Woodland Animals, and Jungle Animals. Since I live in the Low Country of South Carolina and overlook the marsh and river, I tend to favor the shore birds that are right outside my window. Occasionally I do other Odds and Ends types of pictures, such as when I see a landscape that inspires me or feel like doing something fun with lots of color.

While all the pictures are technically 2-dimensional, they vary in dimension. Some are mostly flat, such as the Snowy Egret although there is dimension in the grasses made out of locks.

Snowy Egret.12 x 12

Some have a little more dimension to them like a “bas relief” sculpture, such as the Pelican.

Rocky.12 x 12Rocky.side view

Others are very sculptural with areas that are an inch or two in thickness, such as the Sheep.

lamblamb side view

There is often loose fiber on the fur or mane of an animal, such as the Baby Raccoons with long fibers around the eyes and horse hair whiskers.

Hiding.7 x 14

Art Available for Purchase

Pictures that are available for sale can be found on Etsy.  You can also request a Special Order by contacting me directly.

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